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Smart Marketing
That Makes You
more money!

The AV Club Makes it Convenient and Fun

Speak Your Customer’s Language

Make marketing content that addresses the specific problems your customers will pay you to solve.

You Have the Power!

Tap into the marketing strategies and techniques - heck, the secrets used by some of the biggest companies in the world.

Build Your Brand Library

Create resources that everyone can use...
new customers, your sales team, the C-suite, you name it!

Have Your Previous Marketing Efforts Fallen Flat?

You know that you need effective marketing tools to bring in leads.

But who has the time for that?

After all, you have a business to run.

If you don’t step up your marketing game, though, there might not be a business to run.

So wouldn’t it be great if you had a marketing partner to handle everything so you didn’t have to deal with it?

Enter AV Club Marketing.

Engaging Marketing 
That Doesn't Break Your Budget


Spend More

Make Your Money Count

Marketing teams at most companies expect higher third-party costs.

It's in everyone's best interest to create effective reusable resources to get the maximum return on any spend.


increased ROI

Techniques That Connect

Hyper-personalized experiences result in a staggering increase in revenue. Crafting these types of campaigns is technical and requires a lot of experience.

But we've got you covered.


demand sales

No-Nonsense Results

Businesses are tired of messing around. A growing number of companies scrutinize how their marketing efforts translate into sales.

We love how clearly that defines success.

Marketing statistics according to a 2023 survey by HubSpot


  • Support, guidance and communication throughout the entire process
  • All content is owned by your company
  • Marketing content that generates leads

"When [Your Name] Met The AV Club..."

Here's How We'll Get the Ball Rolling

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1. Consultation

You and the AV Club team share your hopes, dreams, and marketing goals (mostly the last one).

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2. Proposal

We lay out all of the options that we feel are a good strategic answer to your needs.

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3. Contract

We'll make sure everyone is crystal clear on the plan of action, cross the "t's" and dot the...lower case "j's".

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost?

How Much Does it Cost?

We take a transparent and flexible approach to pricing and offer different options for each service we provide. Browse through our site for details or schedule a consultation if you'd prefer to just talk to us.

Where Should I Focus My Effort?

Where Should I Focus My Effort?

We take a multi-pronged approach to all of our strategies. For example, if you're investing in a video strategy for an organic content campaign it might be worth planning to use some of that content for paid media. A little thought up-front can save you a lot of money!

How Do I Get Started?

Ready To Get Started?

The AV Club Says RELAX...

...we’ve got this under control.

But don’t take our word for it, ask our customers 😎

"We were able to develop consistency in our marketing, growth in our followers and view count, and a high quality look for our videos."

Lane Stone from Sackin-Stone

Lane Stone | Sackin-Stone Team

"It's easy. It doesn't take a lot of time. You can fill the tank of content for a month in one day."

Dustin Gyger from sixthreezero

Dustin Gyger | sixthreezero

"They helped us come up with a calendar of high-quality content that we used on our website, our blog, and our social media profiles."

Jared Fisher from Organic'ly Foods

Jared Fisher | Organic'ly Foods

The AV Club Marketing Method

Tools and techniques designed to help you engage leads effectively. (This isn’t MTV.)


  • Brandscript A fun way for everyone to meet and rally your content around a compelling marketing message
  • Guidelines Share your logo, colors, and tone of voice in addition to music, audio cleanup, color correction and transition preferences
  • Equipment We'll provide recommendations on microphones, headphones, lighting equipment, cameras and staging the environment to look professional and on-brand




We Offer a Variety of Services

You don't need a massive budget to create marketing tools that generate a good ROI. Get more for your dollar with AV Club Marketing — see how below


from 2,400
  • Film
  • Blog
  • Social Media


from $7,500
  • WordPress
  • HubSpot
  • Shopify


from $360
  • Blog
  • Photo
  • Publish

Effective Marketing Brings in Business

Your competition is stepping up their game. Don’t get left behind.